The Successful Aging Expo
is an incredible stimulus for producing new and incremental revenues.

Paul Ingegneri

Senior Vice President of Sales, The San Diego Union-Tribune

“I cannot emphasize enough, the respect that I have for this team, which brings professionalism, structure and support to the entire event process.”

Brad Howard

Former GM/Chief Revenue Officer, The Gazette, Colorado Springs

“Incremental advertising and exhibitor revenues were substantial, as was the satisfaction of our advertising sponsors. This event has been a proven success in Las Vegas with two great Expos produced in one year.”

Lee Bachlet

Former VP of Sales & Marketing, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“We garnered significant new sales revenues and developed new partnerships with our advertisers and the 50+ readership community.”

Bernie Schutz

Advertising Director, Times Record, Fort Smith, Arkansas

“We couldn’t have done our first Expo without this team!”

Julie Newman

Outside Sales Manager, Times Record, Fort Smith, Arkansas